1973 Maverick Ldo

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250 - 6 cylinder
4P Medium Green
  • Hi all

    I purchased this 73' Maverick LDO in the CA Bay area, which has now been shipped to me here in the UK.

    I always fancied a Maverick Grabber 302 in Grabber blue since selling my 72 Mach 1 in the same color. But I have a 1965 Cyclone that im currently restoring, so the Mav LDO is going to be my new toy until the Cyclone is finished.

    Its very original and unmolested car. Im just going to write to the original owner to see if I can find more on its history

    The plan is just to tidy her up and enjoy for the moment, I have a set of brand new 15" torque thrusts so they will find there way on once I have bought tires.

    Its a typical rust free cali car with no clear coat left on the paint at all. I guess when I have finish the Cyclone the maverick will get a makeover and will probably end up with the A code 289 out of my Cyclone as well


    Car now painted Grabber Blue, 15" TT

    And a 5.0 with AOD bought
  • Front Tire Size:
    Front Tire Make and Model:
    Cooper Cobra
    Front Wheel Width:
    7.0 in.
    Front Wheel Make and Model:
    American Racing TTD
    Rear Tire Size:
    Rear Tire Make and Model:
    Rear Wheel Width:
    8.0 in.
    Rear Wheel Make and Model:
    American Racing TTD
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