1975 Maverick Grabber Rollback 1972 Clone-ish

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  • I picked up this 75 Maverick about four months ago, with intentions of making it my own version of a maverick. I bought it sight unseen, by word-of-mouth from a neighbor who saved it from being scrapped. He offered me the car knowing I would do something with it for a mere $300!!! It came with a salad, clean title… The only downfall to this whole project is that it had no interior what so ever, luckily I have a friend who owns a salvage yard that offered me anything and everything I need to make my Maverick complete including period correct front and rear bumpers from a 72, all of the interior, and/or anything else that I might need to make this car complete, in trade for a 1991 Ford F-150 2wd, that I originally picked up for the 302 engine and 5-speed trans!!!

    So far, I have collected about 90% of the interior and just need to go back to the salvage yard to pick up the dash pad, and gauges.

    This car sat in a concrete parking lot uncovered but surrounded by about 25 other cars for the past 13 years, having every piece of glass and trim to protect the inside, the car was relatively complete on the outside however whoever originally took that car apart did not leave any of the interior parts behind, or the engine and trans.

    Luckily for me, I am a fabricator by trade, I have always wanted a maverick since I saw my first hopped up 72 maverick in high school back in the 80’s....

    Since I’ve picked up the car, I have changed out the front and rear bumpers, both lower valances, moved the rear leaf springs to the inside of the frame rails to accommodate the bigger footprint front and rear tires that I want for the overall look and performance I need to Autocross this car.. in order to fit the fat tires on 18” Foose wheels, I’ve had to remove the inner wheel-house (removed properly mind you, removed by the seams so as not to destroy any part of this 100% rust free southern car) once I have achieved the proper will fit between the frame rail and the wheel well, The factory wheel-house just needs to be “slimmed” up slightly and will be spot welded and body glued, same as factory ..

    I am not a huge fan of the factory stock taillights, they remind me of the Mr. Magoo car, so I added my own little twist, and having been an old school Ford fan (of 89 cars/trucks, 74 of them have been Fords) So I decided to buy and retrofit a set of 1968 Mercury Cougar Eliminator taillights into my Maverick, and I personally think it gives the Maverick a whole new mean and Bad-ass attitude!

    My plan is to fabricate my own sub frame connectors, stiffening crossmembers, and and a four link aluminum independent rear suspension, and a 4.6 L coyote V8 quad cam, with a 5- speed gearbox.......
  • Front Wheel Width:
    9.5 in.
    Front Wheel Backspacing:
    4.5 in.
    Front Wheel Spacer:
    0.75 in.
    Front Wheel Make and Model:
    Chip Foose 18 x 9”
    Rear Wheel Width:
    10.0 in.
    Rear Wheel Backspacing:
    5.5 in.
    Rear Wheel Make and Model:
    Chip Foose 18 x 10”
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