Maverick Man

the Maverick a desperately ugly car!

from the book "The World's WORST CARS" by Craig Cheetham a Barnes and Noble Book - i think we need to boycott ;)

the Maverick a desperately ugly car!
Maverick Man, Dec 18, 2005
    • BDComet
      Well sure they are going to say that it is desperately ugly when they have a half convertable thing in one of the is that?
    • skandolis
      that was a conversion called the luxomav, i have seen it in other places on the net. kinda weird, but i wouldn't say ugly exactly. not a very good interpretation of a maverick. the other one is an amphibian conversion, not a maverick at all(not even the same body lines, just similar hoods.)
    • Jamie Miles
      That has got to be the most ignorant thing I have ever seen. Has the person who came up with this ever seen or driven one of these cars in their life? Obviously not since the picture isn't even a normal Maverick!

      Metal fatigue? Where? These cars have been raced, used, abused, you name it. I have never heard of a metal fatigue problem. Go talk to Toyota about metal fatigue, I hear they know more about that then Ford does.

      And fragile inline 6? The Ford I6's are probably among the toughest engines in history. What a joke.
    • Matterick
      my so called "Fragile 6 cylinder" won't stop running lol... and it's like 36 years old!
    • comrick317
      The guy who wrote this CRAP needs to be run over by a metal fatigued Maverick, the guys a nob. My straight 6 250 goes just fine, totally untouched and never been apart, that sucker was put together 33 years ago, please.
    • Darwin'sheros
      "1969-1973" uhh, research, please? And that picture? Good god, did this guy just google "ugly cars" and then suppose all Mavericks looked like this? What an idiot.
    • BlueMav
    • brainsboy
    • hyperballsmcgee
      I have a 40 year old "fragile inline 6" and it has ALL original parts with the exception of basic things like new sparkplugs and new wires. and it runs like a dream. I never have to use the choke to start even when it's cold. and she starts right up every time. yeah, it's so fragile. pretty sure you could put a million and a half miles on a straight six and have no problems whatsoever.
    • Mav71
      Wonder if this guy and my neighbor go to the same eye doctor, and both suffer from the same brain damage.
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    Dec 18, 2005
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