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Best way to remove paint from plastic interior parts?

My 70 has (supposedly) factory gray interior, at least the seats are gray, but the guy I bought the car from gave it to his brother to "fix it up" as a race what's the first thing he does? ......paints all the hard plastic interior pieces and door panels (including cloth inserts) with rattle-can black interior paint. Painted the dash (chrome knobs & all).....everything but the seats.

Anyways, I'm wanting to switch some of the interior on my 69.5 from blue to gray, and would like to use most of the "hard" parts from the 70's interior (would rather use originally gray parts than painting the blue pieces gray)......if I can find a way to get the black paint off the parts without damaging the original color and finish underneath.

Was just worried that thinner and other harsh paint removing solvents would harm the hard plastic parts.

Anyone got any tips?
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Thinner may work without damaging the parts i would use a real mild one and have watter near by just in case i does start to eat at it. BUT your safest method would be just to get some plain old soap and water and start scrubbing. chance are if they just spray bombed it they probably did no prep work to it so is should rub off with just some elbow grease.
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Mavericks didnt come with grey interior. If the paint on there now is good, paint over the top of it.
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Posts: 729
Vehicle(s): 69.5 Maverick 2-dr. (Grabber clone) 1970 Maverick 2-dr.
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I wondered about that....looking back, I never remembered gray interiors on Mavericks, or Mustangs, Camaros, or nearly any older model car.

But no, the paint job isn't good, it was laid on thick and sloppy, so I'll need to "de-paint" them no matter what color they are underneath.

Too bad too, if someone did do a decent gray paint/dye job on the parts in the past, the process will likely take that off too.

I'll probably be better off just re-coloring the blue parts already in the 69.5
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Originally Posted by Blown76Mav
EZ Off oven cleaner. We use this on model cars all the time without damaging the plastic.
That is excellent advice - I use oven cleaner on the belly pan covers of the snowmobiles to get the baked on exhaust stains off. It is a purple plastic made from the same stuff the interior parts are made from. It works
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