Morris Illinois - Lions Club Car Show

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    I attended my last car show of the 2016 season. The show was held at a Equistar chemical plant recreation area, just west of Joliet Speedway.
    There were just north of 1000 vehicles in attendance; I was the only Comet of any generation and no Mavericks I am aware of after walking about 4 to 5 hrs thru the grounds. I wud not have thought they wud had that kind of turnout being it had rained earlier, cloudy and windy all day. Lot's of spectators and swap vendors. I had been to the show many times as a spectator or riding shotgun w/ brother, first time I had taken a car. It is a pretty big show for a one day event, well organized and plan to make it regular event , weather permitting. Last of October is a risky time of the year in this part of the country to be having outdoor event. They had a rain date of November 6th. --- Go figure!
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    The TBird has 32 valve mod engine and 5spd. Tremec 3 pedal car. Owner acquired the car in the mid 60's has had several engines in the car; the last was a Windsor w/ twin turbos. IIRC he worked as an engineer for Ford. "Take note of the intake manifold"; owner machined spacers to mate the intake to head for use w/ a carb or carb type throttle body.
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