1970 Maverick Bondo Bucket with Factory A/C

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200 - 6 cylinder
Dark Red
  • Bought this Maverick on August 15, 1977, though it was only driven until 1986, and from then it sat in our backyard/driveway until we decided to scrap it. It was a 200 I6 automatic car, but those had been replaced with a 1965 200 and C4 that later got put into my other Maverick. Only traveled 52,000 miles. This car was left outside from at least August 1977 until 2013, when we cut it up with a sawzall and scrapped it after removing the few savable parts left. Not a single exterior panel was straight, the floors were rusty, and bondo was in the quarter panels and doors. A driver's door from a Grabber with a chrome sport mirror was added in the 90s. Factory deluxe black interior, factory air conditioning. Front bumper was bent by a tow truck driver. Had to replace the gas tank and ended up rigging a Thunderbird gas tank in. Saved the 1970 instrument cluster, rear interior side panels, dash pad, and a few other odds and ends. Was replaced by our current 1971 Maverick that's in much better shape.
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