1972 Mercury Comet

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200 - 6 cylinder
  • I drove a 72 Comet in high school and have been looking for another one for a couple of years now. I was able to pick up this Comet spring 2017. It is from California that had been sitting for the past 12 years in a garage. Technically, forth owner, but I bought if from someone who picked it up from the second owner's family and flipped it to me. It is a base model as basic as you can get. It was ordered without A/C (in California[​IMG]) and without even a radio. It has 59,xxx miles on it.

    When it arrived I found an envelope in the trunk. It had:
    *Possible original set of keys
    *Original Owner Card
    *Original Warranty card
    *Owners Manual
    *Consumer Information sheet (Acceleration/passing, Stopping, Tire size load capacity)
    *Original Order form 10-2-71: Automatic Transmission; 200” 6 cylinder; $2517.25
    *Original Purchase Agreement 10-28-71: Vinyl trim; Calif. Emissions; Select Shift Transmission; BSW 6.45x14 Tires; $2536; Salesmen was name Archie from Star Lincoln-Mercury Sales, Glendale, Calif.! LOL
    *Engine Info Sheet:
    -Engine Code: KK26S
    -Engine Build Date: 1-K-12
    -Part Number: D2DF-FA
    -Build Date: 1-K-5
    -Part Number: D2DF-DA
    -Build Date: 1-J-28
    *Original Maintenance Plan Sheet
    *Warranty Facts booklet
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