1973 Maverick Grabber

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302 - 8 cylinder
Calypso corral
  • I originally got this car in 2013, it was a stock V8 grabber with original paint, and interior. The car had 97k original miles and ran fantastic. Two years after getting the car I had it painted and long story short the paint shop blew up my motor. The car now has a 96 Ford Explorer gt40 motor with a rebuilt C4. The interior has been changed over from a stock bench seat to factory bucket seats with Mach one covers. I have added a lot of small details here and there such as a grabber hood, small bumpers, new headliner, Versailles console, fiberglass lower tray, new front suspension with a 7/8 sway bar, deluxe gas cap, medallion grill, NOS ventshades, factory aluminum wheels, integrated tach, Monte Carlo bar with export brace, custom grill, custom electric fan setup and many more small modifications. The car has come a long way but it still has much more to go! I have a lot planned for this car!
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