Winter Blue/Wimbeldon White 1971 Maverick

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200 - 6 cylinder
Winter Blue and Wimbeldon White
  • Bought this car in 1998 after we realized our 1970 Maverick was too far gone. Original Winter Blue paint and original Wimbeldon White painted roof, original Medium Blue interior. It came new with a 200 I6 and three on the tree transmission. That engine is long gone but the transmission is still around. A 1965 200 and C4 are in it now, but that engine has bent crankshaft, and I haven't put another drivetrain in it yet. The car had 196,000 miles on it when purchased and now it has 203,000. Only rot on the entire car is on the underside of the hood. Goal is to get it running again eventually, repaint it in its original colors, redo the side stripes, and possibly put in an air suspension.