carb rebuild problemos?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Todd, Apr 23, 2007.

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    okay, so heres the backround story. didnt have a fuel filter for a while cuz i was away at college. i rebuilt my holley 600 vacuum secondary. started right up thought it was perfect.

    began to run very very rich, leaned it out all nice and such. then set the idle cuz that was a little too low.

    whats happening now, i shut it off, and when i go to start it, it wont start or even show any signs of "combustion", anyway, the only way to get it started right after that is i pull off the fuel line and it sprays a very good amount of gas both out of the line and the carb as if there was a lot of pressure

    now this is my question. what would make it do that? why is there so much pressure, i take it thats whats hurting its restarting because as soon as i do that it fires right up. could i have set the float level wrong or the idle screw too tight? idk much about the whole inner workings of the carb past i just rebuilt it. any kind of helpful hints would be wonderful. this isnt my daily driver anymore but its getting very nice out and id love to take it far from home.

    thanks guys.
    -Todd S.

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