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    To create a new thread, click on the “Post New Thread” button in the forum you want to post in.
    In this example, a new thread will be posted in the “Transmissions” forum.

    To create a new thread you must enter a subject and message. You can also
    • Add smilies by clicking on the smilie icon to show the available smilies (add link to help)
    • Tag a user
    • Format the message by changing the text color, size, font, etc.
    • Link to pages/images and embed YouTube videos
    • Add media from the media gallery
    • Upload images from your computer, tablet or smartphone
    • Add a poll

    If you want to add a poll to the thread, scroll further down and add the information for the poll.

    Once you are ready to post your thread, click on the “Create Thread” button.
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