1971 Maverick

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200 - 6 cylinder
Wimbledon White
  • Meet Maxine the Maverick. 1971 Maverick. Originally Wimbledon White. 200 i6.

    When I was 15 I moved onto a property and she was sitting in the back pasture. I paid $125 (literally every dime I had, most of it was coin rolls) to get the title. The next couple years I got her running and driving, but never in good shape. However and unfortunately :90:, I developed a strong sentimental attachment to THIS Maverick.

    More than a decade later, I have bigger aspirations and an actual income:2cents:. I have done a lot of planning and some disassembly. I typically jump all in when I do things... good or bad here I go :coco:.

    Apologies for the fact that my less than excellent memory and even worse photography efforts have produced little more than a smoldering dumpster fire worth of pictures.

    Front 5 Lug/Disc Brake Conversion (see pictures)