1971 Mercury Comet Gt

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302 - 8 cylinder
  • This is my factory red topped '71 Comet GT. Had it for about 5 years now and it's finally moved onto the front burner. Other than some color mock-ups and miscellaneous small parts restomod's, we're still in parts gathering mode with no major restoration work being done yet. Extremely solid car came with thick cheap peeling paint that needs to come off but we will initially do a quick parking lot resto so we can enjoy the new engine asap.

    Busy building the shortblock right now.. will post some pic's of the crazy-ass stuff I talk myself into doing on my personal motors. If my post count wasn't already a good enough indicator.. it should become pretty obvious that I have far more time than money on my hands when it comes to building engines. :)

    PS. hopefully this basic starter post is editable for some time. Eventually I will write the full backstory and add buildup details. Will also try to not be quite so wordy.
  • Front Tire Size:
    Front Tire Make and Model:
    BFG Radial T/A
    Front Wheel Width:
    7.0 in.
    Front Wheel Backspacing:
    4 in.
    Front Wheel Spacer:
    0 in.
    Front Wheel Make and Model:
    Painted Magnum 500
    Rear Tire Size:
    Rear Tire Make and Model:
    BFG Radial T/A
    Rear Wheel Width:
    7.0 in.
    Rear Wheel Backspacing:
    4 in.
    Rear Wheel Spacer:
    0 in.
    Rear Wheel Make and Model:
    Painted Magnum 500
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