1972 Comet Gt Clone

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302 - 8 cylinder
Competition Gold(Fancy name for Butterscotch)
  • 306, Pro-Comp heads, Weiand Stealth intake, Holley 600, Lunati cam, Doug Thorley shorties, 2.25 exhaust with Dyno Max mufflers... Fresh C4 with 2200 Hughes stall, and peg leg 3.00 rear...

    Probably run decent with a good tune and Traction-Lock 3.80 gear...

    I have the original sales paperwork, warranty card etc... It was purchased in Tupelo MS from Marlin-Harris Lincoln Mercury on 7/8/72 by a Miss Quella Guess... Orig price $3600(no breakdown of options) but has the LDO bucket seats, P/S, A/C, etc... She was allowed $550 for her 1966 Comet 4dr trade in... Apparently had three other owners before bought by a friend from ebay, so that makes me number six... Originally a LDO, he removed all trim & glass, then had it painted... Somewhere before finished, he fell out of love with it and offered it to me... When I got it it was running OK but most all the trim, mirrors, rear valance etc were in trunk(mirrors and valance had not been painted)... It did have a fresh rebuild on the transmission but the engine compartment was still stuck solidly in 1972... Also engine, brakes and front suspension proved to be very tired... So I set on a mission to update almost everything from doors forward... That included fresh '91 Mustang 306(found on C'list), total rebuild of steering and P/S, plus install new '69 Torino front disc brakes...

    The 600 Holley carb was a freebee... A friend gave me one that was defective and I found out Holley would give free replacement... I told him what I'd done and he said "if you hadn't taken it, the old one would have gone in trash"(he's not much for saving things)...

    Except for scoop, first pict is as Brian bought it in I think 2009...

    Second & third are as I purchased it in '13 and partly disassembled engine bay...

    Next two are engine compartment after I worked my magic(yeah I'm bragging)...
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    Northeast Dragway
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