1974 Maverick

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250 - 6 cylinder
grabber Blue
  • I bought this ’74 Maverick in 2008 intending on it being a parts car but plans changed. All it needed was a fuel pump to get it running and finish the brake repair that was started but never finished to get it stopping. It did come with a couple hacked repairs from the previous owner that I corrected to make it safe to get back on the road like doing away with the flexible exhaust pipe and the drop-in fuel tank that was supported underneath with threaded rods and angle iron from a bed frame. According to the paperwork I got from the seller it appears I’m the 3rd owner.

    The day after I finished rebuilding the brakes, and driving a total of 24 miles, Frank gave me the whole front suspension with disc brakes he took off his Maverick after going to Rod & Custom rack and pinion. I bought the C4 transmission that Earl had built a few years earlier before he swapped to a t5 to replace my C4 that had a bad case of morning sickness. I bought a set of Centerline wheels with like new T/A Radials from Earl to replace the rusty rims and mud tires that came on my Maverick. A trip to the junkyard got me the small bumper swap along with the Grabber hood spoiler and sport mirrors.

    The whole interior was prep and painted with Por15 and at least two layers of Peel and Seal install from the windshield pinchweld to the trunk pan with layer jute on floor, quarters and rear seat area to keep things quiet. The fuse box was relocated for better access.

    I got a local body shop to bead blast and paint the Grabber Blue paint after Frank and I disassembled the car in the parking lot. A MaverickMan carbon fiber hood, Magnum 500’s, wheel well trim, LDO grille, locking gas cap and NOS marker buckets completed the exterior.

    I got a friend to make me new door panels and install a new headliner. New carpet and seat belts were installed. A ‘65 Galaxie throttle pedal with chrome trim replaced the original pedal along with ’65 Mustang brake and clutch pedal pad trim.

    Frank, Tim and I installed the ‘96 Grand Marquis rear disc brakes and new leaf springs. Frank and I also cut down an early Mustang export brace to fit and got Harold weld it back together.

    I replaced the cylinder head with a later year head that was shaved .075 that came with the larger intake log and bigger valves and adjustable rocker arm and added a header. Harold made the exhaust with dual tail pipes.

    Later on I replaced the C4 with a t5 with the help of Frank, Earl and Drew using the factory clutch linkage then later added a 3.40 gear to replace the 3.00 that I got from Tim when I replaced my 2.79 gear.

    BKelley and I installed factory AC with late model compressor along with a rear window defogger. Earl found me a sports wheel at a swap meet and I restored it to replace my original steering wheel. I bought ’72 bucket seats from Terry and got new upholstery from Fred Carello. Courtesy lights were added under the dash along with trunk light. I recently purchase reproduction door panels to complete the interior.

    Thanks goes out Frank, Earl, Terry, Tim, Harold, Drew, Bryan and the rest of the Georgia Posse for their help and making this a fun project...I could not have done it without their support.