The Never Ending Project

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302 - 8 cylinder
  • Sheesh where to begin haha.

    I originally bought this car for my father. When I picked up the car it was a running and driving 351w C4 setup that was pretty rough.

    The 351W was on its last leg and after tearing the heads off noticed it was about done with it's career as a short block.

    I decided that point to have a 347 stroker that was in a Fox Body Mustang freshened up and we slid that into the project maverick. Coupled that with a reverse manual valve body C4 and a 9" 4.10 posi geared rearend.

    Several years go by and my father looses interest. He tells me he's going to sell the car so I swoop in and buy the car from him. I've been tinkering on it ever since haha.

    Now it currently has:
    347 stroker
    -10.5:1 static compression
    -Trick flow twisted wedge heads
    -Comp XE cam
    -main girdle
    -Milodan 7 qt oil pan
    -Victor jr intake
    -Holley sniper EFI
    -Holley dual sync hall effect distributor

    C4 reverse manual valve body

    Ford 9" 4.10 gear posi center section

    On the hitlist:
    Swap to a 3.50 ring and pinion ( that c4 with 4.10's is terrible for cruising)
    Aluminum drive shaft to replace stock cut and balanced driveshaft
    cal tracs leafs and bars
    Wheels and tires
    Carpet kit
    Center console
    New windshield (Current glass has started to fog around edges)

    I'll add a bunch of pictures once I'm back at home and can upload.

    The Holley sniper turned out to be a dud. Had multiple issues that neither holley or I could diagnoae so they offered me a full refund and i took them up on it.

    Currently in the process of converting back to carb.
    Ordered msd pro billet dizzy, got a msd 6al2 programmable, holley billet hp regulator, and a holley black pump.

    New wheels and tires are on now.
    New aluminum deiveshaft is in.
    New aluminum radiator with custom mount and electric fan

    Adding new pics once i can get them resized
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