73 Pro Tour in progress

A couple of pictures of my son's 73 Maverick "work in progrress."

73 Pro Tour in progress
BadBrad73, Nov 24, 2006
Brett Padgett
    • eddie1975
      Looks killer

      You nailed that stance:cool:
    • BadBrad73
      Thanks man. Brett was excited when I showed him your comment.
    • streetrod77
      I will have to 2nd that one. The stance is killer. But the over all impact of the car is killer too. Maybe its the color. My car is also Pro Touring style.
    • eddie1975
      what engine you have? 6 cylinder?

      needs a 302 stroker ;)

      yup i love it , keep the updates coming:)
    • BadBrad73
      Yes, the car currently has a 250 six with a 6 into 1 header split into two flowmasters and a Holley-webber 2v on and adapter. There is a noticeable improvemnt over stock but the car really needs some more gear. The 2.79:1 just doesn't get it moving very quickly from a stop.
      There is however a 306 on the stand right now. A mild build up but it should be pretty nice.
    • 76mavman
      how is the 1 header split working out for do you go about doing this...i know you split the manifold for the dual exhaust but ive never heard of using a one header split???
    • BadBrad73
      The header is single outlet 6 into 1 type from Mustangs unlimited and it exits to a Y pipe just behind the collector then two two separate pipes with flowmaster 40s. Sounded really good. The car now has a 306 small block.
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