John B

Border Bandit 1

Border Bandit 1
John B, Mar 12, 2007
    • blugene
      Looks like the center of the scoop has been sucked down lol...
    • 1HotMav
      lol. you can fit a tv in that thing. you should do it.:thumbs2:
      I think you're right .. The Scoopit IS " dipped down" in center.. I have a Fiberglass Comet hood in my trailer with a scoop also but my scoop is only THREE inches and is the "four place" hood fasteners ( Lift Off) type. I got the hood when I bought a Race COMET from a guy here in South Florida ..I had Doors, Hood , Fenders , and trunk deck. Sold everything but the hood .. I ran that for awhile on MY Comet .. I now have a metal hood so the Fiberglass unit is
      tucked away in a parts trailer behind my shop if anyone you know is interested..

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    John B
    Mar 12, 2007
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