Mustang with Grabber Hood

Saw this for sale a while back on e-bay.

Mustang with Grabber Hood
maverick75, Jul 3, 2006
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    • 1972Grabber
      The dude needs shot!
    • Fish OutOfWater
      I am glad you brought that over to our forum. I love that picture. I wonder what became of this mustang. I would love to see it completed. I hope he didnt revert back to a stang hood. That hood rocks on there!
    • comrick317
      Kinda freaky eh.:huh:
    • Matterick
      i gotta admit, that looks good on that mustang!
    • justin has a 74
    • Darwin'sheros
      Sigh, 60s Mustangs really are the best Mustangs, aren't they? The 70s ones have silly looking rear ends and don't have the stylish sunken headlight fixture. Oh well, a Mustang may be worth more, but a Maverick is more unique and uncommon. Mustangs are everywhere.
    • todsrods
      It's all about being creative and it looks awesome on the mustang that took some work to mate the two hoods. and at least its on a ford and not a camaro or something :D LOL.
    • predfan2001
      I like thinking outside of the box. Cool.
    • Tenebros
      That stang wants to be a real car...
    • Harold Haygen
      a while back someone had put the front clip off a mustang on a maverick now that was weird and the body lines match up
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    Jul 3, 2006
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