My Stallions

Had to get my poor white Stallion a little buddy to play with. He feels lonely around all of these Grabbers.

My Stallions
rayzorsharp, Aug 15, 2010
Ray Parrish
    • Donny McGlasson
      I had a 76 Stallion, yellow on black. My mother in law bought it new in Alb. then sold it to us about 4 years later. It had 302 3spd w bucket seats and NO ac. was a little warm there but what the heck, it was fast. I sold it in 84 to buy a 66 mustang gt then sold that one in late 85 to buy a new 85 LX 5.0 conv. that was my last hot rod. My brother is drag racer so i get to the races out in Vegas, Phoenix and others when I'm in the neighborhood.I haul cars so I get out to the southwest fairly often and he and his racing buddies get me business fairly regularly. last one was a Thunderbolt clone I picked up in Tulsa and delivered to Phil Mandela's shop in So Cal in November.
    • Donny McGlasson
      Shoot, I forgot the important part. You have some reallly sharp cars. I've always had a soft spot for the Mavericks.
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