Maverick Man

the Maverick a desperately ugly car!

from the book "The World's WORST CARS" by Craig Cheetham a Barnes and Noble Book - i think we need to boycott ;)

the Maverick a desperately ugly car!
Maverick Man, Dec 18, 2005
    • Radarlove
      The other picture is some kind of ****ed up vert conversion in brazil, this guys a complete idiot.
      Um...thats a Comet not a Maverick and I like it in red.
    • skandolis
      that is for sure a comet lol but you know how those nontechnical types
      are, personally i think it's a great looking car,some rims and it be in business
    • lika
      comet!!!!! just like my car

      I like
    • zippylea
      Ok I'm offended by what this jacka** said about the Mavericks being the ugliest cars! He's probably just jealous cuz he does'nt have one!! Rules here that pertain to him :rulez: NO IDIOTS!!
      Ok, I said what I wanted .

    • chevyandford71
      im not a big fan of the regular mav grills i prefer the grabber grills, but i love the comet front end
    • stumanchu
      Ugliest and worse car prize should go to the Chevette.
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    Dec 18, 2005
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