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Old 2002-10-12, 11:38   #1
76 Mav
Reformed Camaro junkie
Join Date: 2002-08-04
Location: Cobb County Ga.
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The best junk yard around

My vote for the best junk yard is a place called "Summervilles Junk Yard " ... Its in a little town caleed Aragon Ga. ... Its so remote that its not even listed in the yellow pages ...

As you drive into this yard you eyes immediatly focus on a 65 2 door galaxie in great condition ... Its just the frist car in a line od galaxies,fairlanes,comets ford business coupes ....

Several guys are sitting on old oil drums, tires and wire spools, at first the place looks very small and for a second i distinctly heard a banjo palying like in the diliverance ...

I asked the guy if he had any mavericks and he said "yeah we have a few left over the hill "

As i topped the hill i was staggered at the vastness of this junk yard... i actually had to go back for my truck so i could get to the other side ...

unfortunitly there selection of mavericks was limited to only a few 4 door models ... But i still believe i could have spent a years salary there yesterday ...

Never before have i seen such a selection of old cars sitting there begging to be plucked of thier treasures ... It'll probably take me a month of saturdays just to check out everythinh they have
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Old 2002-10-12, 22:17   #2
mavman's Avatar
Join Date: 2002-03-09
Location: Arkansas
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Vehicle(s): '75 Maverick, '03 super duty, '04 Mustang Vee-six!
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those old remote junkyards are great. Theres one not far from us that, from the road, looks like a small junkyard...but if you ask for somethign off the wall, he'll point to the "mountain" behind it, and tell you to take an old truck up the hill, and when you top the hill, you look to the left, nothing but cars as far as you can see, to the right, same thing. He said (the last time I was there) that he had over 3500 cars. We counted 22 mavericks and Comets, many, many classic Fords, including an old Ford XL, complete with 428CJ, that had been hit in the rear. I was stuck on a '82 mustang, that had a 4 cylinder, but man, it was possibly the cleanest 82 I've ever seen, and he was trying to sell it. Wanted $350 for it, title and all....but I thought it was too much at the time. Wish I'd have gotten it now. There werent too many stangs, mostly late-models (79-91 or thereabouts), older Fords/Mercs, some late 40's Fords, a '51 Merc that could easily be built into a sweet hotrod...Oh man, I thought I was in heaven!!
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Old 2002-10-13, 16:16   #3
Dan Greenbaum
Join Date: 2002-06-06
Posts: 74
Vehicle(s): 1977 Maverick
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Sounds amazing. I live in New York City and would love to take a trip to a place like that! Anyone know of one within a few hours of me?
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Old 2002-10-13, 21:08   #4
Join Date: 2002-09-26
Location: new jersey
Posts: 1,252
Vehicle(s): 1970...302 c4 hookers dynamax (for now)
iTrader: 9 (100%)
klingers! in pine grove PA 2 and 1/2 hours from nyc. lots of mavs most picked over though.(guilty as charged) his yard is beyond huge. you name it he has the car grmlins, pacers. lots of everything. i am not gonna even guess how big his place is. uhhhh poison ivy too.
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Old 2002-10-14, 08:37   #5
Jean Doll
Maverick Restoration Tech

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Join Date: 2002-03-09
Location: Palmerton, PA
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Vehicle(s): 1977 Maverick 2 door with a 302.
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Images: 4
And sticker bushes! Lots of sticker bushes. Scotts right about Klingers. It a great place to spend a day with lots of Mavericks and Comets. I think Dean ( the owner) used to collect them at one time. This place has a little bit of everything, just watch out for his pet sheep.
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Old 2002-10-14, 14:47   #6
Mav-Dude's Avatar
Join Date: 2002-10-14
Location: Podunk town in the evergreen state
Posts: 73
Vehicle(s): 69.5 Maverick/70 Mav Grabber
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Man I sure do wish I had junkyards like that where I live I live in Washington and at all the junkyards I go to I ask if they have mavericks and some of them even say stuff like "what's that? who made those?" but that's locally I'll go searching one of these days
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Old 2002-10-14, 17:12   #7
Join Date: 2002-09-26
Location: new jersey
Posts: 1,252
Vehicle(s): 1970...302 c4 hookers dynamax (for now)
iTrader: 9 (100%)
there is a yard out by harrisburg PA right along the turnpike. it must have 30 or more mavs lined up. i want to go... anybody (jeandoll) know the name of the place? phone number? i saw the place on the way home one day and almost needed a change of underwear! i had to be somewhere so i couldn't stop.
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Old 2002-10-14, 17:16   #8
Old Guy
Join Date: 2002-03-09
Posts: 1,286
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Old time junkyard

Found this yard in Greenbrier Arkansas, down in some valley and hills. Nice spanish style house of owner, large shop. Went to entrance of shop and being was cold opened door to enter, local lawman and owner were sitting around old barrell stove chewing the fat. Asked if he had any 302 engines and he said to go out back door and take the old car there and run down to the other end of yard and look around. Opened back door and was face to face with an old sway back horse that wanted inside, pushed him aside and there in front of me was a 74 or 75 4dr Mav to be used as a shuttle. Fired up the six cyl(only ran on five) and put the C4 in gear. This car was a mess inside and had a toggle switch for a ign and starter.

Owner also raised cattle and they were everywhere along with the piles of well chewed grasses that were expelled in quantity. Acres of old cars and trucks too. Did not find any good engines but after getting back to the shop did notice the Mav had disc brakes on it. Asked the owner if he would sell the brake set up and he said "Nope" but I will sell you the whole car for 50.00. Done deal, left and got my trailer to haul home. Scrapped out the Mav and kept all the good stuff, should have saved more body parts but didn't. Have been a regular customer ever since, no more Mav's in the last eight years though. Got devored by chiggers last summer while getting rear braked drums off a LTD. Is still a blast to see what kind of shuttle car is waiting, last time was a GEO Metro on two out of three cyl's. Is fun to beat the crap out of it knowing if it quits just get out and leave it where it dies.

The sad story of the old time junk yards is that the older model cars are being crushed because the full frame and steel bodies bring more money than the newer ones. Less people are into cars and hot rods, they all want to buy something off the lot and drive it forever. Next door neighbor came to ask for some help the other night, his Neon did not have any power to start it. Dead battery, could I show him where it was and how to take it out. Did so and put a new one in for him, nice young fellow but as many now days, just never got car educated. As age catches up with me I too am not doing as much as used to, but keep at it at a slower pace, still like to race and build some engines etc. I always keep an ear and eye out for some obscured junk yards in the hills, I know there out there just have to keep looking.
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Old 2002-10-24, 23:24   #9
Join Date: 2002-10-18
Location: lancaster,CA
Posts: 161
Vehicle(s): 1973 maverick 250L
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theres an uncontrolled junk yard(as in FREE PARTS) in orderville,UT. ..people just take their old cars there and abondon em...been doin it since the 30's..there are soo many mustangs, old winged caddilacs' and the old winged impalas layin around it's insane....even saw a junged mustang GT 500!!!...its amazing, and basically about 5 square miles of endless cars on the side of the, if your ever in orderville utah, ask the locals where "the bench" is....
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Old 2002-10-25, 06:19   #10
Join Date: 2002-09-26
Location: new jersey
Posts: 1,252
Vehicle(s): 1970...302 c4 hookers dynamax (for now)
iTrader: 9 (100%)
ok ok... i concede defeat!how can anybody argue with a yard like that?
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