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Old 2009-07-21, 15:25   #1
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rack and pinion steering

Has anyone installed a RRS rack and pinion kit? Installing the rack looks pretty straight forward it`s the cutting of the steering column that looks a little involved. Thanks for any input.
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I have installed them in Mustangs and a Falcon. Just follow the directions, measure everything, then do it again. After that double check your measurements, then if all three measurements are the same and you are sure you read all the directions, and understood them, then it's okay to make the cuts. 8-)
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Mega Modifier

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I installed one this past winter. I would agree, cutting the column is the most involved part of the installation, although I had already taken my column apart to combine it with a '77 Thunderbird column so I could have tilt. Once you cut the bottom of the column, installing the bearing is pretty easy. I had the motor out while I did the install, and all-in-all it was pretty easy.
~Mark S.

'72 Grabber, 351w, Power RRS Rack,4 wheel discs w/Hydroboost ,A/C, C-4, EFI
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All you guys out there Rock!!! With your guts to continually improve cutting and welding our near 40 year old cars, even though there seem to be plentiful parts cars in some of your areas. I counted a total of 3 already butchered in our local oldies junkyard, the turbo Pinto cruising wagon looked to be salvageable, so I took some new pics without the snow he wants $900.00.
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