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Discussion in 'Technical' started by brooks, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Hello to all. I would like to ask those who have or do run a aje k-member some questions. 1st off my son has a 1970 Mav. Right now its still a 200-6 cylinder. We have been working on a 302 for it. Stock rotating, 512-512 lift cam, 220 duration cam. Ported E87 heads, roller rockers. Carbed. So nothing big. We have a explorer 8.8 installed now. Auto. This is a street car, not a track car. He drives it every day. So on to questions... I am looking to get the mild steel k-member from aje. I have spindles from 85 lincoln mark vii. I want to use stock fox body struts but with coil over conversion in the kit. I'm wanting him to be able to just buy oem replacement parts when old ones wear out. I was planning on buying the strut towers they sell also and weld those in. What I'm really wanting to achieve is power rack steering, smaller strut towers and enough room for power break booster. Those that have used this kit, are my goals achievable this route? The other thing is, storys of k-members cracking. Are these just the race kits that are or street kits also? Thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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