ASU Homework request from Tiana Jenkins our grandaughter

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    FROM: Tiana
    Hi everyone, this is not spam I promise. I would like to ask for your help with a college assignment [​IMG] I am doing a pod-cast in my English class about the Maverick Comet Group gatherings and how the space that we meet becomes a part of a bigger memory and a lot of fun no matter where it is. If you wouldn't mind I need to interview some people and just ask questions about their experience at the gatherings and what their favorite memory is. I will be doing this project until about mid November, and I know everyone is really busy, but if you wouldn't mind private messaging me to set up a phone interview, or send me some videos with good audio of the car engines or everyone talking and laughing I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much ahead of time!! If I have forgotten anyone please feel free to let them know that I could use their help also, and parents I did add some of the kids to this group message, if it is okay I would like to interview them as well. If they aren't added and wouldn't mind sharing their opinions and thoughts with me for the project they are more then welcome to pm me as well. Again thank you for all your help, and I do hope to see you all this year!! Message my grandparents to make sure that happens [​IMG]

    You can message me and will pass it on to her. Or private message her on facebook.
    Thank you all.
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