Ford Super-Duty ads set for Super Bowl debut

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    Every company that produces a consumable product wants to make its mark during the Super Bowl with a sweet commercial. Automakers are no different, and you'll see plenty of spots during the big game from your favorite OEMs. Ford is planning on pushing its new 2008 Super-Duty pickup, and will be sponsoring the Super Bowl "Built Ford Tough Pre Kick" show on CBS. Three commercials are set to air, including two 15-second spots and one extended 60-second spot. We have the two short ones for you here, one of which shows the Super-Duty's new 6..4L twin-turbo Powerstroke diesel being assembled out of this air and the other showing off the truck's unique Tailgate Step. The longer commercial will show the whole truck and its susbsytems being assembled in a similar manner. All three spots were created by Ford's ad agency, JWT Detroit, and done using CAD-based engineering data on a computer. Hence, you won't see a finger print smudge anywhere during the commercials, as this was a totally hands-off production. Check out the Tail Gate spot after the jump and check back after the game when we'll have the 60-second spot posted.

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