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    The primary purpose of the Maverick/Comet Forum is for discussions about 1970 -1979 Mavericks and 1971-1977 Comets. Unlike other Internet forums, this community is not a place for the following: 1) vulgar behavior, 2) personal attacks, 3) general immaturity. This forum is based on mutual respect and tolerance of others and others’ opinions. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated on the Maverick/Comet Forum and member must comply with the Forum’s rules:

    Forum Rules

    • All forum content (including but not limited to threads, posts, personal messages (PMs), signatures, user titles, images/video, tags) are to be friendly in nature and must not contain cursing, insults, threats, harassment, intimidation, belittlement or hostility.
    • Do not post messages, PMs, signatures, user titles, images/video with the sole intent of starting a dispute.
    • Do not insult or attack another member because they do not agree with your opinion.
    • Do not respond to an insult and/or a personal attack with another insult and/or personal attack. (Report any insult or attack to a moderator immediately by clicking on the report post icon).
    • No adult content (threads, posts, PMs, images, video, etc) is allowed.
    • Political and religious discussions are not allowed.
    • Spamming or excessively promoting a product, service or website (including referral links and/or referral coupons) through the forum or unsolicited PMs is not allowed.
    • You may only have one account. Sharing your account with someone else and/or creating multiple/alternate accounts is forbidden.
    • Intentional abuse and/or misuse of forum functionality is forbidden.
    • All forum members must be aware of and adhere to the classified rules (see below).
    • All forum members must be aware of and adhere to the rules regarding car club postings (see below).
    • Any attempt to circumvent and/or failure to comply with the forum rules may result in threads/posts being locked/deleted and/or an infraction(s) being issued.
    Maverick Comet Club International (MCCI) and Maverick Comet Group (MCG) Forum Rules

    • Only officers of the Maverick Comet Club International (MCCI) and Maverick Comet Group (MCG) whose forum account is in good standing may start threads in their respective forums.
    • All content must respect the Maverick/Comet Forum Rules.
    • All club threads must be made in their respective club forums and are not to be cross posted elsewhere on the forum.
    • An exception will be made for last minute announcements or time sensitive issues (e.g. Bridge closed to construction, use an alternate route to get to the event) and such threads will be allowed in the general forum
    • Selling of club merchandise is permitted in club forums only.
    • Forum members may hold MCCI and MCG related discussions (e.g. "Im on my way to the meet", "Here are the pictures", "When is the next event", etc) in the general forum.
    • Forum members who excessively promote the MCCI and/or MCG will have their posts removed and will receive a SPAM related infraction. Unless asked about a particular club, don't go out of your way to promote it.
    • Forum members who participate in any MCCI and or MCG discussions must be done in a friendly nature and must not contain cursing, insults, threats, harassment, intimidation, belittlement or hostility.
    Classified Rules

    • Classifieds are restricted to 1970 - 1979 Mavericks and 1971 - 1977 Comets only. However, trading another vehicle for a Maverick/Comet will be allowed as long as the ad is placed in the Wanted section of the forum.
    • Items for sale must belong to you and must be in your possession at the time of sale.
    • Soliciting/selling VINs, titles, other registrations or paperwork is prohibited.
    • Ads for parts can come from different vehicles as long as they can be used on a Maverick or Comet.
    • All items for sale must include a price and where they are located. However, an exception to the rule will be made if you are parting out a whole car. At least 10 parts must be listed with prices, the other parts can be by email or PM request.
    • Ads may only be posted in the Maverick and Comet Marketplace Forums and/or your signature.
    • Ads may be altered/removed without prior notice for any reason.
    • Do not bump your own thread ("To The Top, Back To Top, etc) more than once in a 24 hour period. After bumping your thread more than 3 times, it will be locked.
    • Selling/promoting a product, service or website through unsolicited personal messages (PMs) is not allowed.
    • Use of the forum classifieds is at your own risk! The Maverick / Comet Forums owner is not responsible for any transactions between buyers and sellers.
    • Use the Trader Ratings System, shown in each member's profile to see ratings on past transactions.
    • Do not use the forums as a dispute service. If a transaction has gone bad, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center and your local police
    • The classifieds are not a place to voice your opinion on value/price. While making a legitimate offer is allowed, voicing your opinion on price/value must take place directly with the seller through a PM or email.
    • Do not reply to a classifieds thread unless you are truly interested in the item(s).
    • All content must respect the Maverick/Comet Forum Rules.

    Failure to comply with these rules may result in your post being locked/deleted without warning and/or the loss of forum privileges or being permanently banned from the forums. It is your responsibility to be aware of the forums rules.

    Forum Infractions

    An infraction system has been set up to deal with rule violations. Each infraction contains a certain amount of points which is added to a member’s profile. Once a member accumulates a certain level of points, they will lose forum privileges.

    Infractions will be issued at the sole discretion of the moderators and are not up for discussion and cannot be reversed.

    Receiving an infraction will leave a permanent mark on a member’s profile, which can only be seen by the member and the moderators. Depending on the infraction, some points will expire over time while others will not.

    Any major breach of forum rules will result in a permanent ban.

    Infractions with points that expire (1 point each, expires after 30 days)
    Inappropriate language
    Thread jacking (Posting messages that are not relevant to a thread topic)
    Classifieds violation (Review the classified rules above)
    Needlessly digging up old posts and/or generally wasting bandwidth (Not applicable to bumping up old posts for followups or contributing additional information)
    Signature/user title violation

    Infractions with points that don’t expire (1 point each, does not expire)
    Disrespecting/bullying another member
    Posting inappropriate content or link
    Abuse/misuse of forum functionality
    Repeat rule violation

    Temporary Ban (10 points, expires after 30 days)
    Sending unsolicited/abusive PMs
    Trolling (provoking others, being obnoxious)
    Insubordination (Disobeying/rebelling against the moderators)
    Excessive advertisement/self promotion
    Account sharing

    Permanent Ban (20 points, never expires)
    SPAM (Unwanted posts/PMs)
    Multiple active accounts (Not applicable to members who create a new account and no longer use their old one)
    Creating another account after being banned
    Attempting to hack the forums or gain access to another member's account
    Behavior detrimental to the forum (Having a negative influence on the forum)

    More than one infraction may be issued for a rule violation.

    Once a member receives 10 points, they will be banned from participating on the forum. If the points associated with the ban expire, the member will be allowed participate on the forum again, once their point level falls below 10.

    If a member receives 10 points that do not expire, they are permanently banned. Creating another account is forbidden, and if discovered, the account will be banned as well.
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