Radio Wiring Issue

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Mlover, Aug 10, 2017.

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    Hello Mav Community. I will try and keep this short. A few weeks ago my radio got stolen and in the process my wiring got screwed up. I received a used radio, bought the wiring harness and am in the process of installing it. I read here on the forums the basic steps to hooking on the radio harness and attempted it and I think I got it all correct however after turning on the car, the radio didnt work. Both the constant and the power are connected to an aftermarket cable which is spliced into the thick black cable. (If not mistaken this shouldnt be an issue, the only problem is that the memory and clock will always be reset which I dont mind because I only use the radio for an aux). I read that the cable must read 12v when the car is turned on however the reading on my multi-meter only reads at most 8 when probing the spliced area. What can I do? Also the cable spliced into the thick black cable didn't use any special splicing tools just simple electric tape, would this affect my connection? Thanks

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