Sad news for a fellow maverick enthusiast.

Discussion in 'General Maverick/Comet' started by William623, Nov 23, 2021.

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    Recently a fellow maverick lover and enthusiast, Jordan Pyatt, lost his father suddenly. The family is going through hard times right now and there is a lot of medical expenses. Jordan is a well known person in the maverick/comet community and he has been a long time member of the this board as well. Don Comfort had arranged a go fund me for the family. If you guys have a few extra dollars to spare I Hope that you might be able to help out a fellow community member. He has helped out a lot of guys over the years, my self included and I thought it might be good if we can help him out. I have included the link to the go fund me below.

    Admins, I hope this allowed. I know this is not a standard maverick/comet topic and this probably is not the correct thread location but I thought this might bring the most visibility. If it is not allowed please let me know or please move it to the appropriate thread location. All the money generated from the fundraiser will go to Jordan and his family.

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