Floor Pans and Install.

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    I have 1 19691/2 Maverick and 56 others.
    Was not to long ago when we had to find a Maverick or Comet with Good Floor pans in the Bone Yard. Did not Matter if they were the Same,, we Had No Choice but to use them. This is No Longer True,, When I Started Making Tooling for the Maverick and Comets Floor Pans,, I Thought,, ( OK ) a few sets a Tooling and Bam,, we are Good,, Lmfao,, Nothing Could be Further from the Truth. there is 20 Total Floor pans and yes that Counting the 4 Door cars as well,, Below I am going to Break it Down by Year,, and Post Photos so some of the Differences can be seen. Do We Make all the Floor Pans (( YES )),, We Do Make Year Specific and Direct Fit Floor pans,, if You send a Photo of your Floor During Order,, and Fab sees You need a Little More on Width or Length,, they can Do That as well and most Times No Extra Charge.

    Lets Take a Look.

    19691/2 to 70. All 4 of the Main Floor pans are Off By Them Selves, The 2 Front and 2 Rear. Toes and Heals ok.
    1971 to 6/73 with Out Cali Emissions are the Same. Toe Patches and Heal Patches are Same from 70 to 77.
    1974 to 77 With Cali Emissions are the same. Cali Emissions has Huge Relief for converter on Trans Tunnel.

    Here is a Few of the Cali Emission and Different Floor Pans,, 12 Part Master Hloor Pan Kit..jpg The First Photo is Our 12 part Master Floor Pan Kit. 54525798_370102650508149_3298660803179184128_n.jpg This Photo Shows the Converter Relief on a 76 Comet, Floor pans were installed By Us. 20180807_132945.jpg This is a Cali Emission RT Rear Floor Pan, Found in Later 1973,s and 74,s. 38191991_1993791927578628_3723570632261107712_n.jpg This is a Test Fit on the bench of a Left Front 1971 Floor Pan and Toe Patch, Uncoated. 30265264_1913335262290962_7149665619078545408_n.jpg This is the Left Side of the 1976 Comet Floor Pan Install. At Our Cleveland Shop, Owner Shipped Car To Have All Welding Done. 26991711_1881352885489200_2157950855021766047_n.jpg This is a Basic Left Front Floor Pan,, Fits 1971 to 1977,, Along with Heal and Toe Patches this is the Only Pan, To Cross the Many Years,, And Yes 4 Door are Different.

    I Do Hope this Helps and Yes all of these are Available, and can be seen on You Tube, Maverick and Comet Parts.

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