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    A number of years ago, I stumbled on a site that shows many, many yards to find used parts that one might need for just about any make & model of vehicle out there. It is . The site has thousands of subscribing yards all across the country so it is possible to find what you need for your Mav or any other vehicle that you might be working on. The year listings go pretty far back. The site lists parts by location, year, make, model, and part needed. It is very user friendly. The site also acts like a Hollander index in that if a specific part you seek is the same from another model, it will come up also. Not all yards post pricing but contact info is there so it only takes a call to find out. Many of the yards ship also. Not all yards do subscribe to this site but you'll be surprised how many do.

    You'll start out using the drop down to list your vehicle and part wanted and then your zip code. The site does the rest. If specific info is needed about the part to differentiate it from other similar ones, it will ask you that also before the listings come up. For example, when I was looking for a PCM for the Crown Vic I had, it needed to ask the part number before it could list them as that particular vehicle had numerous part numbers for the same part due to the different sub models made and a slew of part numbers came up to pick from. Made the search easier and more specific which in this case, was crucial as you had to replace this part with the exact same part number to avoid having it reprogrammed at a significant cost. Obviously, this is a component for newer cars & trucks but it's good to know that it exists for other vehicles you have.

    Once you use this site, you'll never forget it.

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